'Puteri Intan Satu', owned by PETRONAS Group, arrived at the ocean-going vessel berth of the Soma LNG Terminal this morning, and will start to unload LNG soon.

Namely, LNG will be transferred from the tanker to the LNG tank at the terminal over a period of one week.

'Puteri Intan Satu' is 280 meters  and incorporates a 137,000 cubic meters (approximately 60,000 tons) cargo capacity.

"The Soma LNG Terminal is a large scale LNG terminal composed of a ground-type LNG storage tank with Japan’s largest class capacity of 230,000 kiloliters (approximately 100,000 tons), two berths for ocean-going and domestic vessels, LNG vaporization equipment, and loading facilities for tank trucks. Commissioning of the terminal took effect from December 1, 2017, with the aim for full commencement of operation in March, 2018," Japex said.

In consideration for the environment and safety, vaporized gas of the LNG which is generated by commissioning works will be burned. The flame will appear from the flare stack in the terminal during the burning of vaporized gas, in line with the established HSE procedures at the terminal, Japex concluded.