The multi-purpose LNG Carrier Coral Methane (7500 cbm) owned by Anthony Veder called the port of Zeebrugge on 29/06/2014 for purging and conditioning operations at Euroservices Terminal.

After discharging a cargo of ethylene at the port of Stenungsund, the LNG-carrier arrived in Zeebrugge under last cargo vapors ethylene in order to change cargo atmosphere from ethylene to methane for her next charter agreement with AGA Gas.

The cargo tanks of the vessel were successfully purged with high purity shore nitrogen till requested specifications, ready for next cargo LNG.

The LNG was delivered with several trucks by GDF SUEZ LNG Solutions in order to perform gas up and cool down operations. These operations took place on basis top-spray in/top-purge out with a flare return line available to flare off overpressure (nitrogen/LNG).

Once cargo tanks were fully cooled down with LNG to -145 degr C, additional LNG was delivered to the vessel as heel and fuel.

This first LNG operation at Euroservices Terminal was carefully planned and prepared with Anthony Veder (leaders in small to midscale LNG transportation by gas tankers), GDF SUEZ LNG Solutions (experts in truck to ship bunkering) and Euroservices (experts in purging and conditioning of gas carriers).

Stefaan Hoppe, General Manager Euroservices nv; "This operation has been well prepared by all parties. Know-how and experience has been shared with each other in a very pleasant and professional way resulting in a very smooth and successful operation. We are pleased to announce from now on that our terminal is compatible to handle LNG in case of purging, conditioning and bunkering. Our terminal will play an important role in the preparation and conditioning of small scale LNG-vessels."

Ferdinand Dekker, Manager Operations Anthony Veder; "We are very pleased with the safe and smooth cooperation between all parties involved."

Anton Aarts, Commercial Manager GDF SUEZ LNG Solutions bv; "We succeeded to have constant a full LNG tanker truck and operators available at the Coral Methane during three days, so the operation could proceed without delay. We are happy that we could show our expertise in LNG bunkering of a ship by a tanker truck and that the customer was satisfied with our service."

Joachim Eriksson, Sourcing Manager at the Industrial and Marine Sweden Department at AGA Gas AB; "We are pleased with the safe and smooth service conducted by Euroservices when they prepared the gas carrier Coral Methane for LNG traffic."

Source and Image Credit: HOPPE


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