The facility will authorise the supply of LNG and compressed CNG to trucks and other means of transportation, supporting the use of natural gas as a better fuel option for land transport goods. The gas station is set into the GALP service facility in the Port of Barcelona.


The service of this infrastructure is embodied in Port of Barcelona's Air Quality Improvement Plan, which aims to reduce emissions from port's activity. It is estimated that about 2.200 trucks transfer products to multiple destinations and origins of the area of influence of the Port. Currently, up to 60 trucks are using natural gas, with either dedicated engines, that work exclusively with gas or with dual engines, which combine the use of diesel and natural gas.

Moreover, 26 of these 2.200 trucks were transformed into the dual system thanks to the RePort project, led and coordinated by the Port of Barcelona with the support of ACCIÓ.

The construction of the facility is co-financed by European funds, through the CHAMeleon project, aimed at developing the gas supply infrastructure as vehicular fuel in the Barcelona-Slovenia land corridor.