When the fire broke out, 55 crew members were on board the ship, all of whom are accounted for, while no one is injured. What is more, no oi spill has been reported so far, and the fire has been tackled.

Now, GC Rieber Shipping's contingency team is cooperating with the vessel’s owner Shearwater GeoServices’ contingency team, as well as local authorities and relevant stakeholders to care for all employees on board.

What is more, the ship has transferred 30 of the crew members to a support vessel on-site, and is now considering future planned transfers. Currently, it is under tow and the weather in the area is calm.

Additionally, a full assessment of the situation is being carried out to find out the extent of the damages, while GC Rieber Shipping has dispatched a team to Senegal in order to help the crew and the rescue effort in the area.