To remind, the Panamanian-flagged livestock carrier was lost southwest of Japan after sailing into a typhoon moving across the region.

In fact, the vessel was carrying 43 crewmembers and approximately 5,867 cattle onboard.

Following there, Japan Coast Guard managed to rescue two out of the 43 missing crew.

Alhtough days later, the vessel's company Gulf Navigation Holding informed that the search for the missing crewmembers was officially suspended.

In light of the situation, the families of the lost crew ask from the goverments not to give up the search for more survivors.

Concerning the above, the deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, and the foreign minister, Marise Payne, later on Friday issued a joint statement :

"Australia is engaging Japanese authorities closely on Japan’s search and rescue effort, acknowledging Japan’s responsibilities in this instance under the International Search and Rescue Convention.

The Australian Government thanks Japan for its search and rescue effort, deploying air and sea assets over a vast area, in a very dangerous operation, given poor weather conditions caused by two recent typhoons off the coast of Japan.

Japan’s Coast Guard has advised the Australian Embassy in Tokyo and the Australian Consulate-General in Osaka that wide area surveillance by air and sea continues. 

Australia is encouraging Japan’s ongoing air and sea efforts, and continues to offer the Japanese authorities any supporting capability needed. Japan’s Coast Guard has assured Australia it will not give up its search for those missing.

The Australian Government acknowledges and respects the professionalism and continuing response of the Japanese authorities and will continue to engage them closely".