As is well known, the existing FIPASS facility is fast approaching the end of its life. Today’s exciting news is the first step in designing a new facility that can handle both our current needs, and our projected future demands.

...said FIG Chief Executive Barry Rowland.

Namely, both sides will officially sign the contract by the end of March 2020.

The UK-based company BAM Nuttal Ltd will be responsible for the port's design and construction. At the moment, it is not clear what the cargo capacity will be.

For the records the port infrastructure will be separated into three stages, following with decision gateways between each stage. The first phase includes stakeholder engagement and extensive research for the port's design.

Following there is the second stage in which FIG will further examine and review the detailed design and lastly the third stage which will be the project's construction.

We are excited to be part of such a critical national infrastructure project for the Falkland Islands and we look forward to working together with the Falkland Islands Government and our team in designing and constructing the port that will serve as a new gateway to the Falkland Islands.

...Martin Bellamy, Managing Directgor of BAM concluded.