When the Akademik Ioffe ran aground it was in stable condition and not in any immediate danger, sources reported, while One Ocean Expeditions sent another vessel, the 'Akademik Sergey Vavilov', to provide help with the situation.


In addition, the Canadian Coast Guard sent two ship to assist, while a number of Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft have also been deployed.

Catherine Lawton, general manager of One Oceans Expeditions, stated about the incident:

We regret the inconvenience to our passengers and are working closely with the captain, ship owner and all relevant agencies to resolve the situation as quickly and safely as possible.

Nevertheless, the ship has now been refloated. According to the company, the 'Akademik Ioffe' was refloated on Saturday, August 25, while all the passengers were safe and were transported to another ship.

There were 162 people in total on board the Akademik Ioffe, some of which are passengers on an expedition, and others are scientists working with the Northwest Passage Project.