Sunday, May 9, 2021

Europort 2019 Interviews

Connectivity, safety onboard, cyber security, sustainable future, e-navigation, 2020 sulphur cap and BWM are few of the many challenges that the maritime industry is facing today. During Europort 2019, which took place 5-8 November, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, USA, SAFETY4SEA was there, conducting video interviews with global experts to feel the pulse of how shipping can find itself in a sea of change.

Safety onboard

Let’s put safety procedures into practice

Sergei Kravtsenko & Aida J. Barnhoorn, Technical Project Manager & Director, Tallinn Shipyard BLRT Grupp Atra Holland

Shipping’s culture is changing, new opportunities ahead

Bill Truelove, Managing Director, CSMART

Key issues for people working onboard

Walther Boon von Ochssee, Managing Director,

Better control of containers can prevent accidents

Athanasios Polychronopoulos, Executive Chairman of the Board, Polyeco Group

2020 Sulphur Cap

Renewable fuels vital for shipping operations

Niels de Vries, Lead Naval Architect, C-Job

2020 sulphur cap will not distort the market commercially

Maria Kyratsoudi, Global FOBAS Business Development Manager, Lloyd’s Register

Sustainable Future

Shipyards need to be more open to innovative processes

Gert Jan Brons, Owner, Bronsolution

Maritime industry in need of young talents

Kevin Robertson, Director – Cruise & Special Projects, Hensoldt

Shipping industry is conservative, but a shift is possible

Hans Kooijman & Ashley Kooijman, CEO/Owner & Strategy Advisor, Big Smile

There is no silver bullet towards decarbonization

Gijsbert De Jong, Marine Marketing & Sales Management Director, Bureau Veritas

Sustainability is the key for the future

Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR, DFDS

Ports should step up their efforts toward sustainability

Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General, ESPO

Europort 2019 characterized by enthusiasm

Raymond Siliakus, Exhibition Manager, Europort

Sustainability and quality must be on top priorities

Viktoras Kišūnas, Director of Sales, Garant

Environmental regulations are the biggest shipping challenge nowadays

Martin den Hartog, Account Manager Separation Sales Marine & Energy, GEA

Low sulphur fuel investments remain low, amid IMO cap

Rameez Ud Din, Subject Matter Expert Silicone Antifouling, Hempel

Stakeholders need to collaborate and share feedback for a more sustainable shipping

Astrid Drent, HR Manager, MF Shipping Group

Incentives to help compliance with environmental regulations

Stein Kjolberg, Global Concept Director Hull Performance Solutions, Jotun

Bigger vessels to hamper the transition from fossil to renewable fuels

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, Founder, SKOON

More incentives along and non-compliance penalties can help operators choose the ‘green way’

Teus Van Beek & Claudia Beumer, General Manager Ecosystem Innovation & Sales & Marketing Manager Gas Solutions, Wärtsilä

Shipping has made many steps forward for enhancing diversity

Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, CEO, TOTOTHEO Maritime on behalf of WISTA

Ports’ priorities reflect the concerns of local communities

Sotiris Raptis, Senior Policy Advisor Environment and Safety, EcoPorts Coordinator, ESPO

Ballast Water Management

Crew training crucial for BWMS operation

Nikos Drimalas, Sales Director, ERMA FIRST

Invasive aquatic species remain a growing issue for maritime industry

Philip Chaabane, CEO, I-Tech Selectope

BWM and IOPP decoupling: Shipping has to act now

Tore Andersen, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Optimarin

More time is needed to research new marine fuels and overcome barriers

Xavier Deval, Business Director, BIO SEA by Bio –UV Group


Increasing bandwidth for better data use vital for life onboard

Joe Apa, Vice President – Central & Northern Europe Maritime, Speedcast

Cyber Security

Shipping needs to take cyber security seriously

Jamie Jones, Head of Operations, GTMaritime

The primary concern for ECDIS is cyber security

Luuk Vroombout, Chairman Global Business Development Board, JRC

Shipping needs to focus more on cyber security challenges

Antoine Lisse, Sales Director Europe West, Marlink

Humans the weakest link for cyber security in maritime

Leon Yen, Founder & CEO, Threatspan


By 2050, operations will be automated but humans still involved

Rogier van Beugen, CCO, C Teleport

Digitalization to change the organizational structure of shipping

Dr. Orestis Schinas, Professor of Shipping & Ship Finance / Head of Maritime Business School, HSBA

Smart applications offer fast and efficient solutions to marine market

Lennart Starter, Sales Executive, C Teleport

Shipping companies have a lot of data, but still non-utilizable

Mike Konstantinidis, CEO, METIS

Ship operators in need of trustworthy and up to date information

Tor A. Svanes, Managing Director/CEO, NAVTOR

New technologies expected to reduce emissions significantly

Carolien Vat-Sandee, Director/Co-founder, PortXL

Drones to assist surveyors in inspections

David Knukkel, CEO, RIMS BV

Technologies in the marine industry are far behind others

Petros Petritis, Marine Sales Manager, SKF

E-learning should be applied as a learning process over the whole life-cycle of crews

Capt. Floris van Gessel, Product Manager, VSTEP Simulation