IMB has called for vigilance in the maritime sector

A new report by Europol has highlighted some key driving factors that will have an impact on the criminal landscape in Europe in the coming years.

The report warns the transportation and logistics sectors to be ever more at risk of being exposed to cybercrime as they increasingly rely on the use of Big Data and cloud-based services. Organised crime groups (OCGs) involved in cargo theft will develop new innovative modus operandi to exploit automated transportation systems. These groups will attempt to infiltrate or control systems for flight, rail or other modes of transport and divert the routes of automated vehicles in order to steal their cargo.

Europol said OCGs will increasingly trade in data linked to transportation and logistics, providing valuable information to other criminals or to competitor companies. This data can be obtained by hacking and social engineering, as well as the physical infiltration of companies in the transportation and logistics sector.

The threat of cyberattacks in shipping and the supply chain is an issue that has already been highlighted by experts. The IMB has called forvigilance; for systems managing the movement of goods to be strengthened and action to be taken to close down cyber vulnerabilities in those sectors.

The threat of cyber-attacks on the sector have intensified in the past , with cyber security experts and the media alike warning of the dangers posed by criminals targeting carriers, ports, terminals and other transport operators.

You may view the Europol report here

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