Key figures

  • From the 563 million tons handled, about 44% -which is 246 million tons- had a country in the European continent as origin/destination.
  • In 2018, Spanish ports handled more than 102 million tons of solid bulk,
  • 181 million tons of liquid bulk,
  • 76 million tons of conventional general cargo,
  • 191 million tons of containers,
  • 62 million tons of Ro-Ro traffic.

With more than 62.7 linear kilometers of docks dedicated to bulk, 17.3 kilometers dedicated to Ro-Ro traffic, and 36.3 multipurpose kilometers, and served by more than 200 cranes, the offer of the Spanish port system, the main platform of Southern Europe, becomes one of the main new features of this fair,

...stated Ports of the State, which is responsible for managing Spain’s state-owned ports.

The Ports of the State, including 46 ports managed by 28 port authorities, underlined that a main challenge for Spanish ports and companies in this fair is to consolidate the existing traffic, and to try to capture new ones, particularly those in transit and Ro-Ro.