First of all, research and innovation ensures the potential of the oceans and seas, their ecosystems and bio-economies by promoting the sustainable use of marine resources for full benefit and well-being of European citizens.

Moreover, under EU's Horizon 2020 project 260 million euros is invested for research and innovation, focusing on a wide range of topics on Oceans and Seas,

Additional projects that the EU is currently conducting are:

  1. Respon-SEA-ble project has developed ocean literacy interactive tools to connect people to their seas to help them better understand the complex human-ocean relationship.
  2. ODYSSEA project will develop, operate and demonstrate an interoperable platform that integrates networks of observing and forecasting systems across the Mediterranean basin, addressing both the open sea and the coastal zone.

Moreover, the projects assist the shaping of the future global ocean governance by strengthening international ocean research and data.

Another project, the BLUEMED initiative focuses on marine research and innovation towards a healthier, more productive and more resilient Mediterranean Sea.

The Horizon 2020 project provided 140 million euros to implement activities of the All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Over 500 marine research teams conducting Atlantic ocean research (1000 expected by 2020) 50 million euros to support the BLUEMED initiative.

In light of the transition that is today taking place globally, the EU is providing funding to support research projects into feedstock, product designs and business models, collection and sorting systems, mechanical and chemical recycling, composting and biodegradability as part of the transition to a circular economy for plastics.

Given that more than 8 million metric tonnes of plastic reach the oceans on an annual basis, the EU through the Horizon 2020 supports 19 projects, contributing with 62 million euros, in the  areas of marine litter, alternative packaging, plastic recycling and waste management.

The EU will harness the potential of the bioeconomy to tackle plastic pollution in European seas and oceans, in inland waters, and to restore water quality and ecosystems.

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