The Operation Commander and Deputy Prime Minister discussed Somalia’s maritime security capabilities and priorities, as identified recently by the Federal Government.

Maritime security has an important role in the successful ‘blue economy’ which will be key to Somalia’s economic future.

Following the recent attack against the Hong Kong-flagged merchant vessel KSL Sydney in the Somali Basin on 16 October, the General briefed the Deputy Prime Minister on EU NAVFOR and its partners‘ operational activities to deter and disrupt piracy and armed robbery at sea.

Furthermore, there was a brief on how warships and aircraft from EU NAVFOR have supported the implementation of EU policy by means of working through the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) to the benefit of Somali fishing communities.

The Chargé d‘Affairs of the EU Delegation to Somalia, Mr. Fulgencio Garrido-Ruiz, pointed out the EU‘s integrated approach towards Somalia and stressed that with the extension of the EU NAVFOR mandate of until December 2020, the EU remains committed to the country.

A joint visit took place to Mogadishu Port, to further highlight the discussions, together with the EU’s civilian capacity-building mission, EUCAP Somalia.  This visit presented the operational and tactical relationships enjoyed by the EU with the Maritime Police Unit and the Coast Guard. EU NAVFOR regularly supports EUCAP Somalia in its work with Somali forces to increase security within the ports.