The guidelines were launched mid-March, with President von der Leyen commenting that

Our measures to contain the Coronavirus outbreak will be effective only if we coordinate on the European level. We have to take exceptional measures to protect the health of our citizens. But let's make sure goods and essential services continue to flow in our internal market.

In the meantime, the EU also published a set of guidelines concerning the rights of all EU passengers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Specifically, concerning the transport of goods and services, it is advised that:

  1. Emergency transport services should have priority within the transport system (e.g. via ‘green lanes’).
  2. Control measures should not undermine the continuity of economic activity and should preserve the operation of supply chains.
  3. Professional travel to ensure transport of goods and services should be enabled.
  4. Any planned transport-related restrictions should be notified to the Commission and to all other Member States in a timely manner and, in any event, before they are implemented, without prejudice to the specific rules that apply to emergency measures in the aviation sector.

Supply of goods

It is highlighted that all member states should preserve the free circulation of all goods. In particular, they should guarantee the supply chain of essential products such as medicines, medical equipment, essential and perishable food products and livestock.

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Guidelines for border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of goods and essential services