The ocean governance issue has become a matter of great importance for the EU, for a variety of reasons as resource management, environmental protection or sustainable economic development.

However, global discussions about the future and health of ocean is underrepresented. Therefore, the EU and Germany have committed to establish a Marine Regions Forum to highlight the urgency of protecting the marine environment.

The first Marine Regions Forum covers all major ocean governance dilemmas, including ecosystem-based management, climate change mitigation and adaption as well as protection of marine biodiversity.


Last year, DNV GL published a report on ocean governance to commence discussions about creating a sustainable future for the seas, outlining rules, institutions, processes, agreements, arrangements and activities to manage the use of the ocean.

Concluding, the World Ocean Council notes that Ocean Governance (OG) is the base of rules, processes, and arrangements based on which economic activities are undertaken. A predictable governance framework is important to the responsible use of ocean space and resources and ocean sustainable development.