Mainly, concerning sustainability, the Paper questions on how these goals can be best achieved and how the European Union can best contribute by 2030.

First Vice-President Frans Timmermans reported

Sustainable development starts and ends with people, it is about making our economy and society sustainable and prosperous at the same time ... Our task is nothing less than to secure our planet for all people. Europe can and should lead the way.

Moreover, SAFETY4SEA's survey, the so called ’'Shipping CSR500 Survey’’ highlighted the benefits that CSR practices offer to the industry's organizations which realize their responsibility as part of the society and their contribution to the environmental sustainability in order to move forward.


Overall, in all business sectors, organizations develop sustainable business, mainly based on 10 key practices, aiming at improving their social conscience and environmental responsibility, well beyond the financial.

Concluding, the Brexit discussion highlighted the fact that there should be preparations on work at all levels, and the adoption on 19 December 2018 of the Commission's Contingency Action Plan, including several legislative measures, and last week's contingency proposals for EU fisheries.