Specifically, the company reported that the most recent offshore wind auctions were backed by low prices and more projects could be constructed to rapidly achieve the goals of decarbonization.

SSE Chief Executive Alistair Phillips-Davies highlighted that the five years following will play a crucial role in UK's efforts of tackling climate change. 

As the Mr Phillips-Davies reports

Climate action has never been more front and centre of the public and political consciousness and, will be a historic opportunity to gain the global coalition needed to galvanise the right response to the climate emergency.

Calling the next Government that will be elected, the company noted that they only have three things to ask that they want to see implemented:

  1. Make renewables the central plank for net zero. Higher offshore wind ambitions are needed and Government need a clear policy and investment in low carbon fuels like hydrogen and CCUS.
  2. Make net zero the core component of Ofgem’s remit. The regulator can help drive decarbonisation and  facilitate  anticipatory investment in the electricity grid.
  3. Support the private sector to deliver net zero.  The climate emergency needs action and we’re ready to invest.  A clear signal from Government on their net zero delivery framework will support businesses like ours to deliver the low carbon assets and infrastructure the UK needs.