The review represents a snap-shot of the European labour market, in terms of the number of seafarers holding valid certificates and endorsements in 2015, aiming to contribute to a better understanding of the maritime labour force in Europe.

The data included showed that:

  • 182,662 masters and officers hold valid certificates of competency(CoCs) issued by EU Member States and 102,861 masters and officers hold original CoCs issued by non-EU countries with endorsements issued by EU Member States attesting their recognition.
  • The end of 2015 saw slightly above 1/4 of a million masters and officers as potential manpower to serve onboard EU-flagged vessels.
  • The five EU states that had more masters and officers holding CoCs were UK, Poland, France, Croatia and Spain.
  • The five EU states that had more masters and officers holding EaRs were Malta, Cyprus, UK, Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • The five non-EU countries that had more masters and officers holding their CoCs recognised by EU were Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, India and Turkey.
  • The total number of masters and officers available to serve onboard EU flagged vessels increased 15% in relation to the 2014 data.
  • In the case of masters and officers holding CoCs issued by non-EU countries, the percentage increased from 34,93% to 36,03%, while it decreased form 65,07% to 63,97% for those holding CoCs issued by EU states.

Masters and officers holding CoCs per EU state / Credit: EMSA

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