According to EMSA, this is the third year in respect of which such data is available.

According to the information shown in the infographic, in 2017 there were 202.190 masters and officers have valid certificates of competency (CoC) issued by EU Member States, while 87,810 have CoCs issued by non-EU countries. The number of masters and officers holding certificates increased in comparison to 2017's numbers.

Specifically, five EU Member States had the most masters and officers holding CoCs:

  1. United Kingdom: 30.833
  2. Poland: 20.138
  3. Greece: 18.935
  4. Italy: 15.154
  5. Norway: 14.696

In addition, the top 5 EU countries with most officers recognised by other EU countries:

  1. Poland: 9.260
  2. Romania: 5.227
  3. Greece: 3.893
  4. United Kingdom: 3.689
  5. Croatia: 3.463

The Non-EU counties that had the more masters and officers holding CoCs recognised by EU Member States were:

  1. The Philippines: 30.615
  2. Ukraine: 19.304
  3. The Russian Federation: 15.361
  4. India: 6.357
  5. Turkey: 4.100

In the meantime, EMSA also analysed the distribution of the seafarers concerning their department, as shown below.

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