Fixed-wing medium-size RPAS have been contracted from the REACT consortium (TEKEVER / CLS), and another consortium composed of the Portuguese Air Force, UAVISION and DEIMOS. These RPAS allow flights of both long endurance and long range (Beyond Radio Line of Sight - BRLOS). Complementing them, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft have also been contracted. From Leonardo Helicopters, the VTOL RPAS is notable for its on-board (multi-purpose) radar.

The Martek RPAS has a small footprint making it easier to deploy. These new contracts, which are expected to be operational mid-2017, build on those already in place for marine pollution (oil spill) detection and ship gas emission monitoring.

Through the RPAS portfolio available to member states and EU agencies, a wide range of coastguard functions can be supported including environment protection, maritime safety and security, fisheries control, border control, law enforcement and customs.

Source: EMSA