Specifically, the number of trained, active seafarers is up to 1.54 lakh, out of which 4.700 are women. The Union Minister continued stating that 810 women are currently employed in the shipping industry.

Additionally, the number of seafarers employed globally rose by 108.446 in 2013 to 154.349 in 2017. Now, India maintains the 9.35% of the seafarers worldwide and is placed third in the list of the seafarer supplying nation in the world maritime industry.


The Directorate of Shipping began issuing the Indian CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate), concerning candidates that have completed the five basic STCW courses since January 2018.

Prior to this, candidates who were doing the long duration pre-sea courses were issued Indian CDC.

This initiative has attracted many seafarers to pursue Indian CDC, in comparison to holding CDC for other flags like Panama, Liberia, etc.

The ban on opening of the new pre-sea and post-sea institutes has been lifted and has resulted to many additional requirements of approval.

Concluding, this has contributed in opening of the new maritime training institutes and will help to increase the number of Indian seafarers in the international market.