Namely, according to the new EU regulation, entering into force on 31st December 2018, all ships flying a European flag are to be recycled in a facility which is included in the European list.


As far as the three new yards in Turkey and USA are concerned, they have shown that they fulfil the strict requirements for inclusion in the List and as a result will have access to the recycling of ships flying the flags of the EU Member States. The Commission is currently assessing how these yards comply with the requirements for such inclusion, as set out in EU rules on ship recycling.

Moreover, the European Commission has added six new yards to the List. The six shipyards include 3 European yards placed in Italy, Finland and Denmark.

ECSA supported the expansion of the EU list, but said that more needs to be done.

We therefore call on the EU Commission and Member States to step up and to include many more compliant non-EU ship recycling facilities, as our ships also operate on the global level

ECSA’s Secretary General, Mr Martin Dorsman, urged.

However, Mr. Dorsman also mentioned that things are moving, as all the applications are being thoroughly reviewed and site inspections are being conducted, also in South Asia, to check their credentials.

The EU list is a living document and we look forward to see it being expanded even more in the very near future