Namely, these projects include the further development of the patented Aquarius MRE (Marine Renewable Energy) and EnergySail.

The Neural Network Console is an integrated development environment using deep learning for AI creation and has been used in deep learning applied technology development within Sony since 2015.  It incorporate various functions, such as recognition technology and a full-fledged GUI, allowing deep learning programs to be developed.

Deep learning AI is a machine learning to uses neural networks modelled after the human brain and has high versatility with applications in a wide variety of fields including signal processing, and robotics.

At the beginning, the research will focus on studying how the Neural Network Console and AI can assist with the development of the automated control system for EMP’s EnergySail.

This system automatically adjusts the position of the EnergySail depending on a number of variables including wind speed and direction.

Furthermore it will facilitate the analysis of computer simulations related to the Aquarius Eco Ship.

“All of our solutions include a level of automation however we see opportunities to expand on this by using artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve control algorithms, analyse results and develop future systems. In addition we intend to explore how recognition technology and sensors can be integrated together to control not only our systems, but other systems and equipment on ships especially in regards to the use of renewable energy on ships,” mentioned Greg Atkinson, Chief Technology Officer at Eco Marine Power.