Taking an initiative during the European Sustainable Development Week from 30 May to 5 June, Dunkerque-Port has initiated an environmental reward system for low-emission ships calling at Dunkerque. This aims to help improve air quality.


In addition, Dunkerque-Port has collaborated with the Environmental Ship Index initiative (ESI) by the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH). The aim of this index is to assign a score to ships according to their atmospheric emissions. The higher the ship's rating, the cleaner its air quality.

What is more, companies and charterers that call at Dunkerque are called to participate in this initiative by signing a charter. The latter aspires to highlight the willingness of companies and charterers to use more efficient, low-emission vessels for their port calls in Dunkerque.

In exchange, Dunkerque-Port will pay a financial reward at the end of each year. The reward is calculated based on the number of clean port calls made by the company or the charterer, in proportion to the total number of clean port calls recorded in the port over one year. An annual envelope will be distributed among the signatories of the charter.