The announcement was made at the company's third quarter financial results. Commenting about this development, John C. Hadjipateras, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, stated:

Looking ahead, we are optimistic about U.S. export capacity and demand growth in Asia. While the debate rages over IMO 2020, we expect to have twelve of our twenty-two ships fitted with exhaust gas cleaning systems. We believe this will enhance the competitive advantage we have as the owners and operators of the most modern ECO fleet amongst our peers


Speaking about scrubbers, the Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA) 2020 has called upon the global maritime industry not to single out scrubber wash waters when coastal states and port authorities adopt local regulations to lessen the impact of ship operations on their ports and harbours.

Responding to reports that coastal states and ports are implementing rules that 'restrict the discharge of wash waters', CSA highlights that most ports and harbours already have discharge requirements which have been in place for years.

In fact, Ian Adams, CSA 2020, Executive Director, said that there has been a lot of loose speculation about the environmental benefits of scrubbers, something that hides the fact that scrubbers have a very positive net environmental impact on the maritime environment.

We are deeply concerned that decisions are being made without the benefit of existing academic studies and research or any knowledge of the performance of these systems

Mr. Adams explained that scrubbers can be very positive for the port and ocean environment, as they can improve shipping’s environmental footprint and reduce the health impact from airborne sources.

He also believes that the early installers of scrubber technologies will at some point be considered visionary.