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The Department of Energy (DOE) declares as a policy from the State to ensure a continuous, adequate and economic supply of energy through the integrated and intensive exploration, production, management and development of the country’s indigenous energy resources.

In addition, the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 or EPIRA provides that it is the declared policy of the State to (a) assure socially and environmentally compatible energy sources and infrastructure; and (b) promote the utilization of indigenous and new and renewable energy (RE) resources in power generation in order to reduce dependence on imported energy.


Thus, the circular encourages and promotes Electricity End Users to participate into the Net-metering Program by improving the current commercial arrangements, while ensuring the economic and technical viability both from the End-Users’ and the Distribution Utilities’ perspective.

Moreover, the Circular sees the adoption of multiple compensation mechanisms for Net-Metering Program, voluntary connection of RE Systems above 100 kW capacity and utilization of Own-Use RE Systems as Emergency Supply.


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