The DNV GL certification framework enables verification of conformity with the new ISO standard, ISO 27914:2017 Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage – Geological storage. This standard represents an international consensus on the requirements for the safe and effective storage of CO2 in geological formations.

DNV GL’s Jørg Aarnes, a member of the committee that developed ISO 27914, commented: “ISO 27914 represents a key step towards creating trust in CCS and making it credible as a safe and effective technology for reducing CO2 emissions from large emission sources. It will serve as a key reference document for the execution and approval of projects aimed at the geological storage of CO2 worldwide.”

The recommended practice provides guidance on safe and reliable design, construction and operation of pipelines intended for large-scale transportation of CO2. It enables compliance with the requirements in the new ISO standard, ISO 27913:2017 Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage — Pipeline transportation systems.

CEO of DNV GL - Oil & Gas, Liv Hovem states: “We now have further confirmation that we are technically ready to be able to use large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) for onshore and offshore emission sources. Our new certification framework plus our recommended practice represent an important step towards making the full CCS chain technically feasible, safe and ready for global scaling.”

The certification framework can be found here. The Recommended Practice can be downloaded here.