In light of the above, an additional offshore tug, the Pacific Runner, is expected to assist with the towing operation.

What is more, once the vessel berth, investigation and repairs are expected to begin.

In fact, the repair process may take up to two weeks, before the bulker is able to continue with the planned voyage to China.

According to Maritime NZ, Funing suffered an engine failure while leaving the port with a Port of Tauranga maritime pilot onboard, earlier this month.

Without power it could not steer and while drifting due to the wind and tide it snagged the chains holding a buoy marking the shipping channel. The tide and current then pushed it to the other side of the channel, where it stopped near Mauao (Mount Ma​unganui). Maritime NZ commented.

Following the situation, Port of Tauranga tugs came to its aid, towing it to deeper water and the safe anchorage where it has remained since. Dive inspections have identified damage to the propeller and rudder.

At the moment, Maritime NZ conducts an investigation, while all 20 crewmembers of the vessel are still onboard, where they are safe and comfortable.