In light of the situation, several days ago the Princess Cruises confirmed that the Embassies of Canada, Australia and Hong Kong are coordinating for the collection and transport of their respective citizens (guests and crew) via charter flights.

At the same time, the EU informed that is also taking part in the repatriation of the EU citizens from the cruise ship via flights from Italy mobilised through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

In fact, on 21 February authorities onboard Diamond Princess, allowed 1004 crew from more than 40 different nations to disembark from the vessel. The US has already repatriated more than 300 of its citizens from the vessel.

A voluntary team of new seafarers are ready to go on board. A new master is already in Yokohama waiting in the hotel for instructions.

...said Francesco di Fiore, ITF inspectorate co-ordinator Italy.

British and European passengers from Diamond Princess evacuated from the cruise ship in Japan and have arrived at a hospital where they will spend the next two weeks in quarantine.

Credit: Foreign Office Twitter

"The evacuation flight from Japan has now departed with 32 British and European passengers on board, as well as British government and medical staff" the Foreign Office said in a statement on Saturday 22 February.

For the records, this move came after several concerns from experts that the virus was dangerously spreading onboard the cruise vessel.

It was a mistake to insist on keeping all the crew on board when it was only necessary to have a safe manning group onboard. But the crew remained calm and were proud to stay, do their job and be part of the story. di Fiore continued.

Concluding, several days ago, the ITF General Secretary Steve Cotton conducted a letter for the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs on behalf of affiliated unions, calling for crew to be repatriated as more and more passengers were allowed to leave the ship.