MASH Energy ApS is currently producing the biofuel from the by-products of nut processing in Tanzania and India. It is CO2 neutral and can be used in ships.

In addition, the residual product is an effective fertiliser and will also contribute to reduce the CO2 balance.

We are extremely pleased to add DFDS, a large ferry operator, to the ownership circle which will give opportunities to test the biofuel in engines and verify that our product is indeed of the quality and price necessary for it to succeed in the shipping industry,

...says Jakob Andersen, CEO of Mash Energy.

The investment comprises DKK 10m made in three stages for a 24% ownership share of the company after the final stage.

This investment aligns with DFDS' CSR-strategy, of which a key ambition is to contribute to improving air quality.

The investment is a result of our ambition to take responsibility for the development of commercially viable biofuel that is a real alternative to fossil fuels and thereby reduce the carbon footprint of our ferries. The aim is also to produce sufficient volume to make the biofuel commercially viable and identify other waste products that can be used to produce the biofuel,

...says Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR at DFDS.