Danish shipping companies provided a total of DKK 188 billion last year, thus making shipping one of Denmark's largest export industries. Reaching fifth place on the list of the world's largest operated merchant fleets, according to CEO of Danish Shipowners, Anne H. Steffensen, indicates that the recent years' course for Danish shipping has been successful.

The next 5-10 years are crucial to find the way towards CO2-neutral ship, which will be a condition for growth in shipping. The knowledge required must come through investment from the industry, targeted research, education and innovative start-ups, which can maintain and develop the Danish merchant fleet's position as the fifth largest in the world

Business Minister Simon Kollerup also agrees that there must continue to be a strong focus on research and innovation in shipping, not least in terms of sustainability. He explained that he is particularly pleased to see that the industry has set a sustainable course with significant initiatives and ambitions for how it can enhance the green transition.

It is an approach that the Government backs up 100 per cent about and which must be supported by an active and green business policy, where sustainability and competitiveness go hand in hand


In addition, recently, the Danish Maritime Authority revealed plans to start developing the new digital Danish Register of Shipping, expected to be operational by 2020. With a digital register of shipping, it seeks to reduce administrative burden and lower costs for business communities.

As explained, today's ship registration includes extensive processes for the industry and is economically heavy for the shipping companies.

Meanwhile, original legal documents with records of the ship's ownership and value need to be circulated – often with a courier beyond countries' borders or through face-to-face meetings.

The digital register of shipping aims to address these, as it means that future reporting and registration of ships will occur digitally. Furthermore, it will be easier and faster to access data.