DeltamarinThe newly established Deltamarin Floating Construction, a subsidiary of the Finnish naval architecture and engineering company Deltamarin, has been awarded a contract to supply an exhaust gas cleaning system (scrubber) to Bore Ltd on turnkey basis.

The system will be installed onboard the Ro-Ro vessel M/V Bore Song to comply with the operation requirements in the sulphur emission control areas (SECA).

The contract covers an all-inclusive conversion where Deltamarin Floating Construction takes care of all project management, integration engineering, class and authority approvals, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, rip-out works, construction, commissioning and start-up of the fully functioning system onboard. The ship owner takes care of the vessel docking contract.

The system selected for the M/V Bore Song 12MW main engine is based on the DeltaLangh scrubber technology. The system installation will be done at a repair yard in Northern Europe within a 14 days docking period at the end of this year. Commissioning will be completed onboard the Bore Song during operation in January 2015. ‘The scrubber solution chosen for M/V Bore Song is well suited for the vessel and the customer she is operating for', states Håkan Modig, CEO for Bore.

The EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) scope of Deltamarin Floating Construction's supply integrates a complete package of goods and services, which makes the projects easier for the owners to manage. ‘As an independent main contractor we always utilise the best suited technology and equipment for each project. This enables us to provide our customers with outstanding solutions fit for their business', describes Mr Rami Hirsimäki, Managing Director of Deltamarin Floating Construction.

The Bore contract adds already the fifth vessel in the company's orderbook of full EPC scrubber installations. Langh Ship has earlier ordered similar installation package for its four vessels.

For the execution and delivery of the complete turnkey packages Deltamarin Floating Construction works together with its sister company Delta-AVIC Pte Ltd, registered in Singapore. Delta-AVIC takes care of contract management and project financing.

Source: Deltamarin


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