Authorities responded to the incident, after thunderstorms hit an area that is a Midwestern tourist destination, Reuters reported. However, heavy wind played a major role in the incident. As Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader stated, there were two 'duck boats'. One of them experienced problems with the high wind and did not make it, while the other one is safe.


As a result, 17 people including children, lost their lives, while seven victims, including two critically injured, were transported at the Cox Medical Center in Branson. All missing people have now been accounted for.

Missouri Governor Michael Parson confirmed the accident, speaking to CNN, where he said that 'a terrible, horrific tragic accident has occurred.' He also added that rescue missions are ongoing.

The duck boat will be raised today (July 23), while during the weekend NTSB, announced that the ship's black box had been discovered. The black box will now be dried out and examined in Washington.