New solution for electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure compliance

2011.1.25-Materaci.jpgCommunications provider Datacom has announced the launch of its new solution for electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure (eNOAD) compliance.

eNOAD is a requirement by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), which obliges a representative (i.e. the captain or fleet operator) of a vessel to notify the USCG upon arrival and departure at the US border.

Fulfilling this obligation, says Datacom, can create an administrative challenge, especially if vessels were not previously required to carry a satcom system with access to the internet.

As a result Datacom and KVH have jointly created a system for the workboat sector, incorporating KVHs mini-VSAT broadband system using 60cm or 30cm antennas, and offering specialised rate plans.

This solution now makes it affordable for vessels like tugs, barges, and fishing boats to get reliable broadband service, said John Poindexter, CEO of Datacom.

Theres no better combination of size, speed, and coverage on the market today"

Source: Digital Ship