The company commented that the vessel aims the adventure-cruise market as, in comparison to larger ones, it is able to visit destinations that aren't easy to access.

The vessel combines low-sulphur diesel and wind power, making it able to sail to emission control areas and makes it be in line with IMO's regulations.

Meanwhile, the vessel is equipped with a battery bank to allow for zero emissions in port as well as specially protected areas.

The Danish Company noted

The higher end of the market prefers smaller ships where passengers can escape the crowds typically found on the large cruise lines.

The cruise vessel features a rig designed by Detlev Loell Ingenieurbüro, GmbH, comprised of three free-standing masts, each with a fully-battened main sail with adjustable trailing-edge flaps for optimizing lift. The total sail area, which includes a single head sail on the forward mast, is 1,910 square meters.