Mars Report 2013

TheNautical Institute has issued Mars Report No.26 regarding damage by barge contact at anchor. While anchored in a river anchorage awaiting a berth, the Master posted lookouts to deter barges from coming alongside the ship and peddling stores. However, the duty AB who was patrolling the poop deck was sent to the focsle deck to check and report on the anchor cable status. The OOW felt something make contact with the ship in the aft part and, rushing to the stbd bridge wing, he noted a barge manoeuvring around the stbd quarter. He informed the duty AB, Master and engineer.

The duty AB reached the poop deck and noted an unnamed barge moving away from the ship. He reported that he couldnt see any visible damage to ship side from the poop deck or within the steering gear flat. The engineer OOW reported that the stringer plating under the second platform in engineroom, on stbd side was deformed/ buckled including attached brackets, but the ship side was intact and there was no water ingress.

The ship manager arranged for a Class Surveyor to attend the ship and carry out a survey, and a Condition of Class was imposed requiring permanent repairs to be carried out.

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Source:The Nautical Instiute