In fact, the three-year average detention ratio of Cyprus during 2017-2019 was 0.96% in comparison to an an average USCG ratio of 1.08%.

For the 2019, the region's annual detention ration of ships marked a drop of 0.55%, down by 1.79% in 2018, while the USCG’s 2019 ratio was 1.12%.

Over the past few years the Shipping Deputy Ministry has introduced a host of new applications on its website ranging from the electronic seafarers’ management system to the electronic verification of certificates, the online submission and management of tax returns, a tax calculator and an interactive career platform for seafarers.

...Natasa Pilides, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister said.

According to the country's shipping ministry, these enhanced track records came as a result by the comprehensive National Shipping Strategy  that Cyprus has implemented in order to cement its position as one of the world’s top flag administrations and as a leading shipping cluster.

We are pleased that our strategy has significantly improved our offering to ship owners and enhanced safety as reflected in the reduced detention ratio. An automated port state control system as well as an online ship registration application are also under development, aiming to further reduce bureaucracy and enhance our one-stop service.

...Pilides added.

Concluding, the SDM has taken steps to promote maritime education in Cyprus, whilst marine and maritime innovation has acquired new momentum with the set-up of the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute.