The "Cyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use" report highlights that amid the fast digitalization development, and the industry's heavy reliance on technology and network connectivity, the sector is more vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

Therefore, BIMCO issued the Guide to assist the crewmembers adapt easier the new technological methods and to offer a practical and easy to use guide for the master and the officers.

Aron Frank Sørensen, Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation at BIMCO stated

Cyber security risk management is not just an IT issue. Managing the complex interactions between technology and humans correctly will be key to avoid a cyber incident, and to recover from them, should an incident happen.

Overall, BIMCO is continuously alerting shipowners of cyber threats and provides guidelines to assist companies in "building" their own approaches to cyber risk management onboard.

Moreover, IMO recently identified cyber risks as specific threats, which companies should try to address to the same extend as any other risk that may affect the safe operation of a ship and protection of the environment; This kind of guidance can be found in the Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships. 

Concluding, Sørensen stated that the new workbook is an important tool that officers can use to manage cyber risks while carrying out their daily routines on board.

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