Namely, a survey of major marine stakeholders in more than 50 countries concluded that ‘Cyber attacks and data theft’ could have the largest impact on the 17 major global issues over the next decade.


The rankings were estimated in terms of impact, possibility and preparedness for numerous issues potentially impacting the global marine industry.

The top three issues that are considered to have the greatest potential impact in the maritime sector are:

  • The global economic crisis;
  • Energy price fluctuations;
  • Cyber attacks and data theft.

However, the issues that are most likely to take place sometime withing the next decade are:

  • Cyber attack and data theft;
  • Energy price fluctuations;
  • Changing trading patterns.

The survey concludes by analyzing the preparedness to deal with each of these issues. It said that the top three issues that are probably lacking in preparation are:

  • Cyber attack and data theft;
  • Global economic crisis;
  • Geopolitical tension.

Credit: Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2018