As Commandant of the Marine Corps commented

If you’re asking me if I think we’re at war, I think I’d say yes…We’re at war right now in cyberspace. We’ve been at war for maybe a decade. They’re pouring oil over the castle walls every day.

Cyber security is of a great importance nowadays, as it helps thwart cyber adversaries from disrupting normal operations, stealing data, or making us doubt the validity of the data we use. The consequences of a compromise could be as harmless as unwanted ads on your smartphone or as serious as the failure of weapons systems during a conflict.

Recently, Mr. Chronis Kapalidis, Cyber Expert, HudsonAnalytix highlighted that

 Investing money on cyber security will benefit your organization.

According to the US Navy, each October they celebrate it as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month; Thus, the Departments of the Navy are reminding all the impact of cyber dangers and their responsibilities in cyberspace.

To fight cyber crime, the Navy partners with acquisition professionals and industry partners:

  1. acquisition professionals because they decide how survivable future systems will be in a cyber-contested environment
  2. industry partners because they prevent Navy data from being stolen through cyber-attacks.

Isidoros Monogioudis, Senior Security Architect, Digital Shadows recently stated that

We can divide the attack surface in two big areas:

  1. Threat to maritime vessels;
  2. Threat to the wider sector.

In the meantime, the US Navy highlights that the weaker the password the easier it is to be cracked and attackers would gain a foothold in our networks for exploiting Navy systems and data.

The cyber war is largely unseen but the consequences of this on-going conflict in cyberspace are serious for the Navy. Even if you are not a cyber professional, you play an important part in keeping the Navy cyber secure.