For contributing to a greener and cleaner port

Port-of-Los-Angeles The Port of Los Angeles has honored CrystalCruises for successfully complying with theharbour's 2012 Vessel Speed ReductionProgram (VSRP), contributing to a greener,cleaner port.

By Crystal lowering its vesselspeeds when sailing in and out of the area,the luxury cruise provider has contributedto significant decreases in environmentalemissions and to an overall healthier airquality around San Pedro Bay. Both Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphonyearned accolades for their pollutionreduction efforts while visiting L.A. lastyear.

The port's distinctive program is designed to reduce emissions from ocean-going vessels byslowing their speeds as they approach or depart the port at either 20 nautical miles from PointFermin or as far as 40 nautical miles offshore.

In 2012, these voluntary actions helped reduce73 tons of diesel particulate matter (DPM), as well as 740 tons of sulfur oxide (SOx) and 981tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.