Specifically, Italia Nostra said that the June accident shows that Venice is at serious risk and called for a ban of cruise ships in the city. It explained that Venice faces many dangers such as erosion of the Lagoon, increasing tourist pressure, high-impact development projects, restoration and renovation of the monumental heritage.


What is more, back in 2011 and 2012, Italia Nostra sent three letters informing the World Heritage Committee that the conditions for maintaining the Venice and its Lagoon site in the World Heritage List no longer existed, because of the lack of protection by the Italian state and the Local administrations. After these reports, UNESCO sent a Mission to Venice in October 2015, which was followed by other recommendations that the Italian State only did not fully comply with.

Now, in a few days, a new annual World Heritage Committee meeting will take place in Baku to deliberate on Venice. Italia Nostra presented observations to present the omissions contained in the Reports presented by the Municipality of Venice, but also highlight the absence of a project on the city.

In addition, Italia Nostra has turned to the World Organization in order to add Venice in the danger list.

It is no longer the time of the extensions, granted over and over again, but of the responsible decision, of the conscious position although it suffered. Which necessitates a rethinking and a change of course. So we hope