This solution will significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while it will also reduce the requirement to offload waste at shore facilities.


The Wärtsilä supplied gasification unit will replace one of the ship’s on board incinerators, and will safely dispose of hazardous, contaminated, and dry burnable waste in an environmentally sustainable way.

The emissions quality from this system exceed the standards of land based thermal destruction, and treating waste onboard the vessel rather than offloading in port therefore significantly reduces the environmental impact

Wärtsilä said.

What is more, the system recovers energy from the waste heat being produced by the thermal destruction process, thus gaining additional energy and emission savings. Moreover, the auto gasification process will reduce the ship’s waste to no more than 5% of the original volume, and will produce Bio Char, a sterilised inert material, and syngas (synthesis gas), which is recycled within the unit as fuel.

Wärtsilä is planned to deliver the equipment in January 2020.