As reported, the crew man was located late last night during a search of the ship, which is currently in a safe position in Nigerian waters.

The valued seafarer who has been hiding on board of the vessel following an attack by pirates on Saturday April 20 is unharmed and in a healthy and good condition.

However, the company noted it has not established any contact so far with the eleven crew members that are still missing. It informed earlier that it is in close contact with the authorities and taking professional advice to secure their earliest release.

Piracy and armed robbery at ships in Africa saw a significant resurgence through 2017, with 66 incidents compared to 43 for the same period in 2017, IMB said in its latest annual report. It is notable that, of the 114 seafarers captured worldwide, all but one were in Gulf of Guinea. Nigeria alone recorded 22 incidents, and of the 11 vessels fired upon worldwide, eight were off Nigeria.