The drugs were found by the ship's crew, during routine inspection, in accordance with the company's inspection policy. The Greek owner company Danaos Shipping informed that it has set a policy to make company inspections on board its vessels, especially when the vessels call into ports suspected of drug trafficking.

The drugs were carefully hidden in a void space on deck between two holds. According to local media, the crew found 121 kilos of cocaine.

The Master of the vessel was instructed immediately to inform authorities who boarded the vessel with a large team from the police force and trained dogs. A full search was conducted by the Authorities, escorted by the crew’s safety committee, an office representative who flew from Greece and the representatives of the local P&I. No other drugs were found onboard.

In addition, the local prosecutor interrogated some crew members. After the three-day investigation, the vessel and the crew were found to be innocent and released without any charges, so the ship sailed at 15:00 on September 17.