According to a newly-launched circular, India notes that foreign crew-members are now allowed to sign-on and sign-off on ships at Indian ports.

The government has decided to follow through its decision in July and thus received representation from organizations like the International Civil Aviation Organisation, International Maritime Organisation, International Chamber of Shipping, and International Labour Organisation to continue an unobstructed supply chain, make way for a crew change at airports and seaports and keep away from any humanitarian crisis in the waters.

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DGS Order No. 39 of 2020

DGS Order No. 39 of 2020










Similar to India, AMSA issued a marine notice, stating that a return to international requirements, of no more than 11 continuous months on board, will be applied from 28 February 2021.

It should be reminded that crew change operations have been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many seafarers being unable to sign off and on due to travel restrictions. Yet, more and more countries are now easing their restrictions, always aiming towards crew health safety.