According to sources, there were rumours recently that Pullmantur would move its three remaining cruise ships into cold layup, while also canceling all cruises into November 2020.

Commenting on this decision, Pullmantur said that despite its efforts, the headwinds caused by the pandemic are too strong.

Currently, its vessels, the Sovereign and the Monarch are both currently docked in Naples, Italy, being prepared for the cold layup and stripped for valuable fittings.

The third ship, the Horizon, had been laid up in Dubai, but recently made a crew repatriation trip to Mumbai. As for its sister ship the Zenith, it is currently in Greece.

Pullmantur’s announcement comes just days after reports that another cruise company Cruise and Maritime Voyages, was also struggling to refinance.

In addition, one of the smaller, independent cruise companies, CMV has reportedly fallen through promoting the company’s rush to find new financing.