Specifically, COSCO's container throughput rose to 59.8 million TEUs in H1 2019 from 56.7 million TEUs recorded in H1 2018. COSCO experienced a 4.5% rise in its revenue, while the total throughput from terminal companies in which the group has controlling stake rose by 14.6% to 12.4 million TEUs. This accounted for a 20.8% of the group's total.

In the meantime, the total throughput from non-controlling terminals increased by 3.2% to 47.3 million TEUs.


In light of the approaching second half of 2019,  COSCO shipping ports stated that they will continue with the Ocean Alliance and its parent company and also cooperate with major shipping companies and port companies to upgrade its throughput.

In light of its results the Company commented

COSCO SHIPPING Ports is cautiously optimistic for the whole year.

Additionally, COSCO Shipping Ports added that they will remain committed to the goal of building a global terminal network and look for opportunities to acquire overseas terminals. The group concluded that it intends to step up the development of its terminal extended business to other terminals in an effort to further improve profitability.