'Cesi Wenzhou' is the fifth of six LNG ships in the Australian Pacific LNG (AP LNG) project. The vessel will be 290 meters long, it has a capacity of 174,000 cubic meters of LNG and a dual-fuel electric propulsion system.

The ship will sail in the route from Australia to China's coastal ports, with a total annual traffic of more than 1 million tons, effectively guaranteeing the natural gas supply in China's coastal areas.

'Cesi Wenzhou' will be the 16th ship put into operation by COSCO SHIPPING. The other 22 ships that are currently under construction will be delivered before 2020 by COSCO SHIPPING.

"According to the development strategy of "advancing into the Blue Ocean", COSCO SHIPPING will speed up the development of transportation business of clean energy such as LNG and take the lead in seizing the strategic high ground of Arctic shipping channel," COSCO said in a statement.