You may find a table with all the published circulars, bulletins and advisories here.

Today, February 6, the Korean Register, AIV Private Limited (Pakistan), Pandiman Philippines Inc, Brazmar (Brazil) Spica Services (Vietnam) and Spica Services (Thailand) issued new information concerning each country.


#1 The Korean Register issued Notice of new Coronavirus (CoV) infection including the announcement made by the anti-epidemic task force in the area of Jingjinag-city, China.

#2 The Korean Register informed of what the situation is for vessels arriving or departing Taiwan:

  • Taiwan by inspector’s thermal regulation, coughing or breathing shortages, regardless of whether taking the medications for cough, etc., upon arrival Airport / shall notify the inspectors of the port immediately.
  • If a vessel has visited a Chinese port within 14 days, the crew cannot issue a landing permit.
  • Chinese crew cannot issue coastal passes by port authorities and does not grant landing permits to all Taiwan ports.
  • All Chinese Are refused to enter Taiwan at the airport
  • Foreigners who visit China within 14 days prior to entering Taiwan are not allowed to (Example: the crew change, CDI, checks, etc)
  • Hong Kong and Macao locals arriving in Taiwan are 14 should be under home quarantine for one or hotels.

#3 AIV Private Limited in Pakistan launched the Travel Advisory for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus noting that Governmental department Port Health Establishment issued a travel advisory on 1 February that includes:

  • Vessels must submit a health declaration that there are no symptoms on board.
  • No crew disembarkation until clearance from Port Health is obtained.
  • Suspected infected vessels will be isolated at outer anchorages.

The Port Qasim Authority further requires that crew from foreign vessels are not allowed to disembark.

#4 Pandiman Philippines Inc launched the Circular 2020-0034 which includes separate requirements to be followed by cruise ships and cargo vessels.

#5 Spica Services in Vietnam informed that for the time being, Vietnamese authorities haven't issued an official statement; Yet, North's correspondents report that:

  • In Vung Ang port located in Vung Ang Economic Freezone and Qui Nhon Port checks and restrictions have reportedly been put in place which mirror those in China. Crew may not be allowed off the ship but that the ship may call.
  • For the rest of the country, including Hongai, correspondents are not aware of any quarantine restrictions at this stage.
  • Flights to mainland China remain suspended.
  • Strongly recommend that any ships due to call Vietnamese ports liaise closely with their appointed agents as agents will have the most recent updates on the steps being taken in the specific ports.

#6 Spica Services in Thailand reported that the Port Authority of Thailand requires the Master to complete and submit information 24 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival:

  • Information of conveyance (Tor.1 Form).
  • Maritime information of health via radio telegram (Tor.2 form).
  • Maritime declaration of health (Tor.3 form).
  • Last port of call / port clearance.
  • In case, the last port of call is China and departure was within 14 days, Quarantine Office shall also require the Master to complete their questionnaire prior to berthing of the vessel.

If crew has experienced any illness, fever or respiratory problems, quarantine officer may attend on board for investigation.