The one-year-contract runs from 1 October 2019 with an option to renew if mutually agreed upon for not more than one year. According to the statement, a bunkering anchorage area is going to be constructed at the area, called 'Pit-Stop Bunker Hub @ Lumut'.


Straits Inter Logistics stated that the "TMD has obtained PDA 2 license from Ministry of Domestic Trade and Customer Affairs (KPDNHEP) to provide the said services.  LMTSB has agreed to appoint TMD with the exclusive right to operate, manage and provide the said Services located at or within Lumut Port Limit including but not limited to jetties/ wharfs, anchorage area and designated Pit-stop Bunker area."

It was further added that ‘at present, TMD is currently having its operations in eight ports in Malaysia, which include, Pasir Gudang Port, Tanjung Pelepas Port, Johor Bahru Port, Kuantan Port, Kemaman Port, Kuala Terengganu Port, Labuan Port and Miri Port, all of which are licenced under Petroleum Development Act 1974 ("PDA Licence(s)") for its bunkering services.

Concluding, given the importance of bunkering operations it is vital to note that there are many challenges involved and certain best practices are to be advised; As LNG bunkering is considered to be a challenging operation,  in case of additional activities, a SIMOPS (simultaneous operations) approach should be followed.